Friday, July 10, 2009

So Long to VI's Ladiez Man ;(

As quick as the Ladiez Man got in the game he got out the game that fast. Your Boy got caught Cheating and it was Bye Bye to the VI's New Ladiezzz Mannn. Don't worry ladies, I learned from my mistake and haven't cheated on a girl since ;) ;)....Still single so Holla @ a Brotha lol

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The VI's New Ladies Man

In the Beginning it seemed like the ladies seemed to flock to the New Statesider from the Nations Capitol. Ibz grabbed a few girlfriends and held it down for all my fellow Chocolate City folk back home ;).....Though I did keep it PG now lol

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Teachers Made Sure to Keep Me in Check!!

Though the Mind Did Wander at Times...

From Being Taught Inside to Being Taught..... Pretty Much Outside

Going from classes being taught inside, to them being taught outside on an island with Hott Chicks and nice weather didn't help either in my process of focusing lol.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Distraction @ It's Best!

It was hard to focus on school @ first. I mean being on an island also known as Paradise with beautiful girls and beaches got a brotha a lil distracted. I mean who wouldn't be??? But with some serious dedication, focus and mainly beatdowns from the mama, your boy was back on track!!

Back To School

Your Boy got back on that High School Education at Antilles School in St.Thomas, USVI BayBay!!

Tough Times In Paradise

The Good Life didn't start off so good. Funds weren't Poppin' at first, so you could say we were struggling a lil. Don't get fooled by the ride n crib, Ibz still pulled the island chix lol ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Virgin Islands Mon!!

Moms is a Pharmacist and when things went south with her and my step-dad she ended up getting a job relocation to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. My brother and I didn't know where and what St. Thomas would be like. We thought it was some little village or something somewhere, but it turned out to be pretty BoMb!!...........It was actually an island, not a village.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Livin' It Up BIG TIME!!

Houses in Potomac, MD are CrAzY BIG. Family wondered why I was never home on the weekends lol. Who would be with friends whose houses are bigger than our SCHOOL??? Don't worry though, when I make it Big, houses this size will just be big enough to turn into my children's playhouse. $) $) $)

High Schooler

Problems in the household forced my bro and I to move back to Washington, DC with our grandparents where my bro and I started school in the upscale area of Potomac, MD. The McLean School is where I started off my good ol' High School Days and Sports Days playing lacrosse, basketball and running cross country. MVP for Junior Varsity Basketball, 198 points in the season and Most Improved for Lacrosse. I'm not cocky....I'm just niccccce!!!lol

Middle to High School'n It

It was soon time to say goodbye to Middle School and Welcome in High School. Peace out School Buses......Time to grab a Whip (Car) of my Own!!!

BIG Fight!

Not everyone seemed to like Ibz at National Christian Academy, which lead to a lot of beatdowns and scared days at school on my part. Hard to believe I got the worst beatdowns at a Christian school lol...thought everyone had the Love of Christ up in there!

Baller Status

Just 2 of the many Big Time Ballers that National Christian Academy let out and I had a chance to go to school with. Michael Beasley and Patrick Ewing Jr. Believe it or not Ewing was WAY bigger and a lot more talked about than Beasley back then. I helped Beasley get his game up ;)


After about a year at Lord Baltimore, your boy was pulled out to get a better education up the street at National Christian Academy. Good choice...met some nice b-ball stars up there too!

Welcome to Nigeria

It was tough to get used to being away from home for 2 weeks at first, especially in a place A LOT different from my home in the good ol US of A. After about a few days, meeting some nice people from their, touring the country and getting used to the lifestyle, my homesickness started to dwindle. I have to say that it was a once in a lifetime experience that I am glad my mother decided to make me do. Some parts were scary though, but I found it cool that the people their thought I was Bow Wow.......Probably because I was the lightest kid out their with braids lol. I enjoyed the celeb feeling while it lasted.

Africa Awaits the Spoiled One!

Momz felt that I was getting a lil too spoiled so she decided it would be best to send a brotha to Nigeria with some of her co-workers to see how it feels to live with people who have next to Nothing in a place that looked a lot different from my neighborhood. What happened to beatings or taking away my tv and toys. She had to send a brotha to Another Continent to learn a lesson??? I am not going to lie, it was a Good Experience!!

Middle School'N It

When it came time for Middle School, Ibz started off at Lord Baltimore Middle School, which is now known as Isaac Gourdine Middle School. Had some pretty thuggish kids over their...Ibz def wasnt used to all that. He had to change up the look and swag a lil bit, if you know what I mean.

Str8 Chillen in Ft. Washington, MD

Moved from Washington, DC, living with my grandparents to Ft. Washington, MD when I was around 9 or 10 years old with my mom, bro and step-dad and would stay out in the streets with the hommies until those good ol' streetlights came on. Street football and rolling down big hills on skateboards were popular back then, now we are too old for all that nonsense.

On that Road to Knowledge

Started off getting that EdUcAtIoN at Piney Branch Elementary School in Tacoma Park, MD but your boy moved and finished that elementary education at Apple Grove Elementary School in Ft. Washington, MD.

Barack Obama

I couldn't talk about DC and not mention The First African-American President, Barack Obama, sitting in the White House right now!!


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Ben's Chili Bowl

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